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Why Psychedelic Therapy?

I have worked in the field of Social Work for almost a decade. I have done extensive therapy for years, including PTSD specific therapy. I appreciate the benefits of talk therapy but I also feel that, for myself, it was not enough.

Through hypnosis and past life regression, I have had amazing success in releasing stagnant energy that was no longer serving me. In just ONE session I felt drastic positive shifts. I have worked through past life trauma that my Soul carried to this life and I have worked through trauma that occurred in this life. I continue my work through past life therapy and appreciate that some things take multiple sessions to release. I began to get curious about how I can go even deeper through hypnosis and micro-dosing with magical plants kept entering my awareness. I asked those who have tried the combo and all of them have said that the plant medicine really helps bring those walls down quicker, it allows the mind to enter places our Ego may try to prevent us from going.

There is so much amazing research on this topic that I set an intention to find someone within my hometown to support me on my journey to try a full psychedelic dose, in a safe environment. And then BAM the Universe delivered. Medicine day is coming up quick and I am so ready <3

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