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The Mind Process Model


The conscious mind. This is the action part of our mind. The Will and the Ego, it is the judging, rationalizing, deciding and analyzing part of us. It is what makes logical sense of the external world. The conscious mind cannot be detached in hypnosis, so there is a constant observational function. This means you may question or try to rationalize what you are experiencing, this is a natural effect in the state of hypnosis. Deepening techniques can counteract the conscious minds effect.


The subconscious mind. The part of the mind that produces senses that are readily available to the conscious mind. This is the impulses, compulsions, habits and emotional feeling state of the mind. Oftentimes we don't know why we feel a certain way. Hypnosis has the ability to affect and transform unconscious root-level programming which exists as the cause of the problem. This area of the mind is usually changed permanently for our highest and greatest good, through hypnosis.


The superconscious mind. Represents both mass consciousness, spiritual influences and intuitive insights. This is the spiritual world, the Akashic records, intuitive messages and alternate realities. The superconscious mind offers us spiritual information about ourselves and other dimensional realities.


My sessions always begin with relaxation techniques to slow down the brain waves. To do this, I will talk in a calm, slow voice, use images of soothing scenery and progressive physical relaxation, repetition and deepener techniques, such as counting.


It is important to note that this will only work if the person is willing. If someone doesn't want to be relaxed, then nothing can force them into it. As our brain waves slow down, our Consciousness changes. This is how we move to the other levels.


What to expect

Keeping in mind that everyone is unique and it is perfectly okay if you don’t experience a session the way I explain it today. My goal is to work with you to create a personalized, healing and genuine experience. Just follow your own intuition, take what resonates and leave the rest. 


The first step will be to settle in and get comfortable. Then we will gently move you into a trance state; this is a very subtle shift. It may feel like that moment right before falling asleep while you’re still aware of your surroundings but very calm and relaxed. It could also feel as you would when you’re zoned out of your physical realm but still aware of it, or how it feels when you daydream.


Once in this trance space, some people get visuals just like a scene in a movie or a dream, some sense what is developing, or hear messages about what is happening. Some people get knowings, it is important to just trust the impressions coming in, however they come in for you. There is no wrong way to experience this, your subconscious mind knows exactly how to communicate with you. 


While in this state you may experience rapid eye movement, just like REM sleep. Some people experience it each time, or only sometimes and some have never experienced it, the results are the same. Some of my clients move their hands while picking up on details within the scene, some don't move at all. It is important to know that thoughts will come up, just acknowledge them and let them float away, it will not take you out of trance. 


Some people speak really low and monotone, this is usually the case for first timers. If I am having difficulty hearing or understanding you I will ask you to speak up, this is not going to take you out of trance. 

In each session, we do a body scan, release tension and blocks within your mind, body and soul. I will move you to a space of spiritual guidance where you will be able to hang out with your spirit team. I will then bring forward your Higher-self/Guides that will answer the questions you sent me. They will only express what you need to know, if it is not time to know the answer to a question, that's okay. It doesn't mean you will not receive the clarity you need, they always provide us with exactly what we need at that moment. They will never allow us to experience anything we are not ready for or anything that is not for our highest and greatest good.

Then I will gently bring you back to the present moment. Once you are sitting up and feeling energized we can debrief about your experience. I will record the session for you to keep so there is not need to try to remember what is happening during the session, just focus on the journey and story as it unfolds. 


I suggest you journal about your experience, this is where you could really detail the things you were not able to describe during the session. There is always so much more you experience, that may be difficult to put into words or translate while in trance. In the days and weeks that follow, you will connect more dots and receive even more memories and intuitive messages, continuing to journal about them as things come in. This is an extension of the session and healing process and can be amazingly beneficial.

What is a past life regression?

Regression puts people directly in touch with their own inner wisdom. This makes it one of the more empowering healing methods. The subconscious mind is a huge storage of information about all our lives and experiences. 


Most people come for a regression about a current problem they feel might have originated in a former lifetime. It is effective because it can track the past life cause of many things that are happening in our lives today.

 Although our past lives may be long gone, their memories remain alive Within us. They play an active part in our psyche, continuing to influence us in all kinds of unconscious ways. This can have both beneficial and obstructive effects on our present life. 


Think of consciousness as a multi-story building. Every day awareness is comparable to one of the floors. When we are on that level, we can see only what's on that floor. To find out what's on the other floors, we have to change to another level of consciousness. Regression provides a stairway between the floors.

Absolutely anyone can experience a past life while in a trance state, most of us even get past life memories spontaneously through dreams or while meditating, reading a book, doing dishes, really anywhere and anytime. I don’t believe it is being made up or that it is our imagination but even if it were, there are amazingly powerful healing benefits. All I ask as a hypnotist is to keep an open mind, trust the impressions you get and say the first thing that comes to mind, even if you have to use your “imagination” to get started.


The death scene can be an important aspect to the past life regression - although some people never experience a death scene. Just know that you are always perfectly safe and protected and you will not feel any pain or discomfort, if the scene becomes scary or too emotional we will dissociate by taking your awareness above the scene and you could experience it like it were a movie or story.


Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis and regression are profound states of relaxation where your conscious mind is not running the show or manipulating the experience. You are completely in control and will remember the experience. The result is being able to dive deeper into your subconscious mind - the part of your mind that truly directs your life.

Just like it’s your subconscious mind that pulls your hand away from a hot burner before you can scream. The subconscious part of your mind can also trigger irrational or hard-to-control negative emotions when you’d rather be feeling love for your kids, attraction to your partner, or indifference to your micro-managing boss.

This profoundly relaxed state of hypnosis/regression is also known as trance and takes place between the brainwaves of being wide awake and the brain waves of sleeping. This state of being is natural and one that you go in and out of throughout the day. Examples of this are when you’re just about to fall asleep, when you’re watching TV, zoning out on an everyday commute, or absorbed in a book or movie. You’re aware of what’s going on, but you’re relaxed and hyper-focused on the task at hand.

Once in this relaxed trance state, you can dive deeper into the memories of your subconscious mind and parts of your life now, past lives, or have a chat with your spirit guides or angels. It’s up to you. You are entirely in control!

Because the subconscious mind is where we store everything that has ever happened to us, accessing this part of our minds is the most impactful way to create positive change in our lives.

This subconscious mind twist: This is why it’s so common for people to fail at making changes stick by setting a new goal or vowing to never be affected by someone’s toxic attitude again. They focus on making these changes without accessing the real root of the issue: the subconscious mind. 

By using hypnosis and regression, we can access more memories and insights into our life experiences to see what blocks are keeping us repeating the same undesired patterns & behaviors. The result is a broader awareness around our issues which can usher in feelings of relief and confidence along with the ability to adjust behaviors for our Highest good.

The Difference Between Spiritual & Traditional Hypnosis
Traditional hypnotherapy and spiritual hypnotherapy have distinct differences in their focus, they share the same healing outcome. The technique is a reflection of what resonates most with you at that time.



Traditional Hypnotherapy: This form of hypnotherapy aims to address and alleviate psychological or emotional issues, habits, and behaviors, such as anxiety, phobias, addiction, weight loss, and stress. Focus being on your current life, past and present.
Spiritual Hypnotherapy: Spiritual hypnotherapy involves accessing higher states of consciousness, connecting with one's inner self or spirit guides, and exploring past lives to alleviate the same issues. Focus being on past incarnations. Some people prefer this even if they do not believe in reincarnation, they view their experience as a metaphor, which is just as healing and in some cases, even more beneficial.


Traditional Hypnotherapy: Traditional hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques to induce a deep state of relaxation and focused attention to help clients change their beliefs or behaviors. It often uses suggestion therapy and cognitive processes to achieve desired outcomes.
Spiritual Hypnotherapy: In spiritual hypnotherapy, the emphasis is on going beyond surface-level issues. It may involve regression techniques to access past lives, uncover karmic patterns, and explore the soul's journey. This form integrates aspects of spirituality and metaphysics.

The difference between Past Life Regression & Age Regression:


Past Life Regression

Focus: Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique that focuses on guiding individuals to access and explore memories or experiences from what is believed to be their past lives or incarnations. What comes up can also be viewed as a metaphor, which holds so much wisdom, healing and transformation - with less present day triggers.


Objective: The primary goal is to uncover and understand experiences and events from previous lifetimes that may be influencing an individual's current life, beliefs, or challenges.


Relevance: This practice is often linked to spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, exploring concepts like karma, reincarnation, and the idea that past life experiences can impact the present.



Age Regression

Focus: Age Regression, on the other hand, is a therapeutic technique that guides individuals back to earlier stages of their current life, typically childhood or adolescence. You may uncover memories buried deep within your subconscious mind, the goal is to acknowledge them and work to release the burdens those memories have been creating subconsciously.


Objective: The main objective of Age Regression is to explore and address unresolved issues, traumas, patterns or emotional experiences from one's current life that may be affecting their present behavior and emotions.


Relevance: Age Regression is more aligned with conventional therapeutic practices and is often used to help individuals deal with psychological or emotional challenges that have their roots in early life experiences. 


In summary, the key difference lies in the focus and objectives of these therapies. Past Life Regression is oriented toward exploring experiences from past lives to gain insight into present challenges, while Age Regression involves revisiting earlier stages of one's current life to address unresolved issues and traumas. Both techniques aim to promote healing and self-discovery, but they operate in different realms, one metaphysical and the other psychological.


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