Psychic Stones


Hypnosis and regression are profound states of relaxation where your conscious mind is not running the show or manipulating the experience. You are completely in control and will remember the experience. The result is being able to dive deeper into your subconscious mind - the part of your mind that truly directs your life.

Just like it’s your subconscious mind that pulls your hand away from a hot burner before you can scream. The subconscious part of your mind can also trigger irrational or hard-to-control negative emotions when you’d rather be feeling love for your kids, attraction to your partner, or indifference to your micro-managing boss.

This profoundly relaxed state of hypnosis/regression is also known as trance and takes place between the brainwaves of being wide awake and the brain waves of sleeping. This state of being is natural and one that you go in and out of throughout the day. Examples of this are when you’re just about to fall asleep, when you’re watching TV, zoning out on an everyday commute, or absorbed in a book or movie. You’re aware of what’s going on, but you’re relaxed and hyper-focused on the task at hand.

Once in this relaxed trance state, you can dive deeper into the memories of your subconscious mind and parts of your life now, past lives, or have a chat with your spirit guides or angels. It’s up to you. You are entirely in control!

Because the subconscious mind is where we store everything that has ever happened to us, accessing this part of our minds is the most impactful way to create positive change in our lives.

This subconscious mind twist: This is why it’s so common for people to fail at making changes stick by setting a new goal or vowing to never be affected by someone’s toxic attitude again. They focus on making these changes without accessing the real root of the issue: the subconscious mind. 

By using hypnosis and regression, we can access more memories and insights into our life experiences to see what blocks desired behaviors or hard-to-control negative emotions today. The result is a broader awareness around our issues which can usher in feelings of relief and confidence along with the ability to adjust behaviors for our Highest good.