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Psychedelic Therapy

I was gifted the opportunity to go on a Psychedelic Therapy Journey with an amazing Soul. She will be with me on Medicine day, supporting and guiding me. Since meeting her, we have done 4 prep sessions which have been incredibly insightful and healing. The magical medicine has already begun its work even though I have not taken anything yet.

When we began our prep sessions my intention for Medicine Day was to uncover and work through trauma that is unconsciously causing me to feel unsafe within my body. My intention was to release the hold the trauma has on me so that I could release the armor (extra weight) my body is holding on to. I also wanted to heal myself so that I can heal the Generational Trauma within my bloodline.

After 4 prep sessions, we have discovered so many links and connections that go back generations. In my work in hypnosis and past life regression, I have been able figure out so much about my Souls Journey. Now I want to honour that Journey by healing myself in this life as Stephanie, heal and integrating my past life selves and heal my Witchy Bloodline.

Intention for this week: "The power of the sacral chakra leads to increased self-esteem and positive self-awareness."

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