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Soulful Mystics Podcast

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Julie and I created this Podcast to inspire and empower listeners through their own spiritual journey by sharing our experiences through deep, honest conversation.

We will discuss various metaphysical topics & share past life regression sessions. We will also be uploading self-hypnotic tracks & mini guided meditations.

We are excited to hang with you!

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Get to know Julie!

Introducing My Soul Sister!

Julie is a Past Life Regression Hypnotist & Reiki Healer from Wisconsin.

Julie has an amazingly soothing voice, anytime she facilitates a session for me I immediately feel her healing energy.
Check out her Hypnosis Episode on Past Lives and the Divine! Recharge & Sleep In Gratitude.

About Us

Julie creator of Soul Seeker Hypnosis and I met through the Hypnotic Arts Coalition training. Right from the start, I knew we would be besties. It felt as if I had known her my entire life, for many lifetimes. I am extremely grateful to have met Julie, especially at this moment in my life. She has helped me grow, kept me motivated and has helped build my self-esteem and confidence.

We hope to do the same for any listeners in need of that beautiful Energy.


Our Team

MaxwellPlayed -Producer & Chief Editor

Julie and I are not the best with Technology so we reached out to the Amazing MaxwellPlayed and asked him to join our team as the Producer and Chief Editor. We are so grateful that he agreed to help us perfect the Soulful Mystics Podcast.

Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in the Tech world but he is also a gifted Musician and has an amazing ear.

He has greatly improved our Podcast sound quality and has saved us a lot of time and energy so we could focus solely on our content.

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Questions, suggestions, comments about an episode,
topic or the Pod?!

We would LOVE to hear from you.

Thanks for submitting!


Episode Highlights

Julie and I discuss our Spiritual Awakening experiences.

Self-Hypnotic track to help ease your Spiritual Awakening symptoms.

Past Life & Reincarnation chat about our thoughts, opinions, experiences.

Clips of our most recent Past Life Regression sessions, facilitated by each other. 

Our first Spirit Guide Sessions facilitated by each other while students in the

Hypnotic Arts Coalition.

A few amazing client session with beautiful messages from their Guides & Higher-selves.

A double Past Life Regression Session where Julie and I will be in trance at the same time to experience a life we shared.

Discussions on topics such as; Spirit Guides, serial killers & reincarnation, shadow integration discussion & sessions, Chiron and our connection to the Wounded Healer, Deja-vu, soul retrieval, women empowerment, life between lives sessions & choosing our body,

& so much more!!




Entity Removal

Jina Seer, creator of Past Lives and the Divine facilitated a second Remote Entity Removal with me as the Medium for my haunted workplace. We will be sharing clips of this session in October. Jina facilitated both Entity Removal sessions Live for Kinship members, you can find both on Past Lives and the Divine Podcast now!


Soul Synastry Reading

Meredith McCowen, creator of Earthling Astrology  explains a Soul Synastry reading as "Synastry involves the comparison of two birth charts. This sessions is designed for the conscious couple, friendship or business partnership. Explore the purpse of each individual in the other's life as well as the soul mission, contracts and karmic ties between the couple."

Julie had an Astrology reading from Meredith and mentioned our immediate connection, Meredith suggested we do a Soul Synastry Reading, which we booked right away. This was a truly remarkable experience, all three of us had goosebumps from head to toe the entire time. We discovered the name of our Podcast "Soulful Mystics" was actually written in the stars! 

We also had Astrological validation that Julie and I are deeply connected through a Soul Family and had many past life experiences together, with a lot of shared traumatic past life experiences, which strengthened our unbreakable bond.

Meredith detailed our individual strengths and what we each bring to this relationship and where the Soulful Mystics Podcast will take us & how to support each other.

Music by the Amazing Meera!

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