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A Boss Bitch dream

I have been working through a of past trauma lately, all seemingly surrounding the things I've been through as a woman. I am apart of the most amazing group, Kinship with Jina Seer, and we were discussing Spirit Guides a few days ago. I now believe we act as each others Spirit Guides within this physical realm, I also believe we have designated Spirit Guides beyond the veil, helping in ways that are more from Within our Spiritual body. But I've come to realize our friends and family or even strangers, who are living the human experience at the same time as us, can act as Spirit Guides as well. Even in the dreamworld. I have dreamt of the women in this group, either them helping me realize something or me helping them. This is a story of one of those times.

Last night I had a very vivid, healing dream. I will tell it as the story that I experienced in my dream. Just a couple explanations before:

  1. Bianca is my childhood bestie, we were inseparable as youths. When I was in a really tough spot mentally and emotionally, trying to get out of the house and find a job that wasn't too stressful, I got a message to reach out to her. Bianca owns a Spa (a medical/beauty spa), I texted her to see if she needs a receptionist or really anything, I just needed to get out of the house and I wasn't ready to work with men so this environment seemed perfect. I have been there ever since!

  2. Julie is my Soul Sister, I met her through the Hypnotic Arts Coalition and we have been inseparable ever since. She has helped me through a lot of deep healing I have been going through recently and we created our podcast together. So if you are curious about our connection, listen to the Soulful Mystics ;)

Bianca asked me to meet her at our treehouse. We are in our 20s and each have our own lives but I get a knowing that she needs to tell me something important.

We reach the treehouse, way up high, amongst a luscious forest. I look down and see paths and wooden signposts. Looking in the distance I see wooden cabins with outdoor lights. Bianca looks really serious, she tells me she has a man following her around and she doesn't know what to do about it. I nod my head, telling her I'll handle it. She points to a spot down below, to where he is waiting for her, hidden within plush bushes. We make a plan to switch clothes, there is a chest filled with wigs and hats in the corner. I put on a wig with straight, long black hair, covering up my blond, shoulder length hair. She pulls her hair up into a hat, we look at each other, satisfied with our disguise.

As we reach the bottom she goes down the path I came from, and I walk past the bush. I sense him follow me, I am smirking at the fact that our plan worked but then I get this pit in my stomach... like, what now? I keep walking, I pick up my pace... he is not even trying to sneak anymore. He begins to walk faster, I don't look back but I can hear his feet get quicker and louder. I turn around abruptly, he looks shocked and then angry. I asked him why he is following my friend, he said it is because he loves her. I politely, kindly explain to him that she is not interested and that he deserves to have a partner that loves him back. I see his face change, it seems adoringly. I get that pit in my stomach again... I tell him I have to go, someone is waiting for me and I wish him luck.

Now, anytime I walk, I feel someone watching me, following me. Anytime I am home I feel someone outside my windows. Anytime I am about to open my front door I hesitate, not knowing what awaits me. I notice I begin to live in fear, I know who it is and I know why he has chosen me now. I blame myself. I ask Bianca to meet me at the treehouse, so we could figure it out together.

As I am making my way to the treehouse, the sensation of his heavy presence is strong. My heart begins to pound at my chest, something is different this time... My intuition is telling me something is wrong and I have to escape. I begin to walk faster, my legs feeling heavy. He comes out from the shadows and begins to run towards me, I look back and see his angry face coming right for me. I look forward and run towards a wooden signpost, left or right? I hear, loudly, clearly, Julie's voice say "Turn Left". I immediately feel a wave of comfort, she is here and she's got my back. I turn left and see a group up ahead. I run towards them, my legs feeling stronger with each step. They hear me coming and turn towards me, they welcome me into their circle. The man who was stalking me stops and assesses the situation. They all stand around me, facing him, looking at him fiercely. He turned around and ran the other way. The women embraced me and told me I was safe.

As I stood with these women, I got a birds eye view of where this man was headed. And I could hear Julie's voice talking to him, kind of like a Sprit Guide. She was talking to him, explaining why what he did was wrong. She was giving him advice on how to change his ways. She was sending him love knowing that love is the only way to teach.

I wake up at 2:30, feeling empowered, loved and protected. A group of women standing together, helping and protecting each other. I go back to sleep feeling like a Boss Bitch.

I tell Julie about my dream and she said "look at you saying fuck these traumatic dreams! I'm taking my power back!! 👊💗 That's so badass!!! What time was this dream? I've been up since 1:30 lol maybe I came back from my nighttime travels and woke up? 🙃"

Julie lives in CST and I am in EST... So we woke up at the same time. She travelled into my dreamworld and acted as the Spirit Guide, not only for me but for that man as well.

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