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Starting my Soulful Stephanie business has been the most fun, rewarding and exciting experience. I am so proud of all the work I've been able to do with other amazing, powerful Beings. Here, you will find some clips, posts and other projects I am excited about.

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Jina Seer and her Podcast (PLD) has had such a huge impact on my spiritual growth and she continues to inspire me. Working with her in any capacity has been as absolute dream. I am so incredibly grateful to her for welcoming me into her world, creating an amazing community with Kinship and creating the Hypnotic Arts Coalition with Sarah Leverett. You can find more of our work together through her podcast! Links below

As a part of Kinship Jina did a live Remote Entity Removal with me as the medium for my haunted workplace. Listen to her podcast episode 134 (session) and 135 (conversation). That was an experience I can never truly describe in words, it was extraordinarily powerful. 

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