Hypnotist Past Life Regression

Welcome, I'm Stephanie! 

As a Hypnotist, I create a safe space for you to access your Soul's memories for deep soul healing.


By using hypnosis, we can access more memories and insights into our lives to see what blocks we may be experiencing or why we have certain fears, phobias, & any other emotion that is negatively impacting our lives. The result is a broader awareness around our issues which ushers in feelings of relief and confidence along with the ability to adjust behaviors for our Highest good.


If you’re on a path to improve your life, heal yourself on a deeper level and make the entire journey here on Earth more enjoyable, hypnosis and past life regression could help.


I am eternally grateful to these amazing Souls who took the time and energy to write a testimonial. Your support and love throughout my journey has been life changing and truly special. I love and appreciate each and every one of you.

Brooklyn Lafete

“I don't even know where to begin. Steph encompasses every good trait about a hypnotist. If you're like me and in love with metaphysics and spirituality but a little afraid of what hypnosis really is, then you can be assured Steph will be the best person to guide you in this form of healing. Her demeanour, voice, knowledge within and beyond her sessions is unmatched. I felt nothing but comfortable throughout the whole process and I left wanting to explore so much more with her. Thank you Steph."

Corinne Barrette

"Steph is literally the easiest person to talk to and knows her stuff. I felt so at ease asking her questions and discussing what she saw in my Tarot card reading as well as what she discovered about my past lives. It's actually relieved so much guilt and anxiety to talk about the events that occured. If you're skeptical, that's okay, just let go and just trust the universe and the gift that Stephanie has developed. It will help your soul heal and you may never thought of such as phobias.
I 100% recommend Stephanie, and will come back again to continue on this journey."

Julie Cruz

"Stephanie is an amazing, kind, compassionate and wildly gifted soul. She guided me through a Spirit Guide Session that was absolutely magical. During the session, I could feel the warm, glowing love of my guides. I feel that this session took me to the next level on my journey and helped me to gain more trust in myself and my own gifts. I was able to gain so much wisdom and knowledge about myself. Not only was the experience one I'll never forget, but Stephanie was able to sense and pick up on certain things that I didn't even say out loud and it was so incredibly validating. Thank you!!!"

I believe we all have the power to Heal ourselves. Hypnosis has helped me heal wounds I didn't even realize I was carrying. After following this Self-Healing path of Hypnosis and Past Life Regression I feel Empowered, Confident and Free. I want to create a space for You to feel Empowered as well.


I am proud to say the sessions I facilitate are completely client & spiritually centered. 

Client-centered: I personalize each session to the client's desires, history, spirituality, beliefs and intentions.

Spiritually-centered: I take into account the spiritual beliefs of each client and how those beliefs meet the physical realm for growth and healing. It incorporates, not only the body and mind as in typical hypnosis techniques but the spirit as well.

My Journey

I have been studying and working in psychology & social work since 2010. I spent some time working with youth who were in a closed custody detention centre. Although, I spent most of my social work career as a frontline addictions counsellor and psycho-educational facilitator.


I am an intuitive Empath and have always had a passion for helping people. In 2019, I decided to shift my focus from social work to Hypnotherapy. I feel we could break down so many more barriers & blocks through hypnosis, specifically Past Life Regression and get even deeper. This technique has proven over and over again to result in deep soul healing - rather than just coping.

I am excited to combine my Counselling skills and experience with Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.