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Past Life Regression - Spiritual Guidance - Divine Connection

Welcome, I'm Stephanie! 

As an Intuitive Hypnotist in Past Life Therapy, I create a safe space for you to access your Soul's memories for deep soul healing. With focus on balancing the

Mind, Body & Soul.


By using hypnosis, we can access our Soul's Wisdom and Insights into our lives to see what blocks we may be experiencing, why we have certain fears, phobias and to gain clarity on any emotion that is negatively impacting our lives.

The result is a broader awareness around our issues which ushers in feelings of relief and confidence along with the ability to adjust behaviors for our Highest good.


If you’re on a path to improve your life, heal yourself on a deeper level and make the entire journey here on Earth more enjoyable, hypnosis and past life regression could help.

The sessions I facilitate are completely client & spiritually centered. 

Client-centered: I personalize each session to the client's desires, history, spirituality, beliefs and intentions.

Spiritually-centered: I take into account the spiritual beliefs of each client and how those beliefs meet the physical realm for growth and healing. It incorporates, not only the body and mind as in typical hypnosis techniques but the spirit as well.


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