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Soulful Messages

Hi! I decided to start this blog to document my thoughts and experiences in order to be able to re-read them in the future and see how much I've grown and evolved since posting. I have also been told that when I write (automatic writing) or speak freely, it is my way of channeling and sharing messages meant for myself and whoever is listening/reading. I believe the people in need of these messages will find this page at the exact right moment.

I have had (and continue to experience) difficulty expressing myself my entire life. I have always felt like my words don't matter and my voice is not important. It has been a struggle to overcome these thoughts and beliefs but I have made so much progress in the past few years - especially the past year. One of my main reasons for incarnating as Stephanie is to learn to open up and unblock my Throat Chakra. I have been doing this through the Soulful mystics Podcast and it has been immensely healing and empowering. I also felt like I needed another outlet, that I can be completely transparent right as the thought/emotion comes up.

If you are reading this blog and resonate with any of these messages, I am sending you love and light <3 Our words Matter. Our Voices deserve to be Heard <3

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